October 2, 2023

Horror Pack Delivers, in More Ways Than One!

TheWeevilDead receives the gift of movies, rejoices.

I was really excited to team up with Horror Pack to bring you this review of their August movie choices. For those of you who don’t know, Horror Pack is a monthly movie subscription in which one receives FOUR movies, either DVD or Blu-ray every month.

Sign up now to receive $3.00 off with the code: JointhePack at HorrorPack.com.


First Up: SCAR 3D (2007)

I’ve never seen this movie, but it stars Angela Bettis (May), and I really like her, so I’m sure this movie will be a good watch. It includes 3D glasses,and some special features, as well as a 2D version of the film. I always love receiving a movie that I’ve never seen before, so I was excited to see this in the pack!


Second: Motivational Growth (2013)

I’ve seen Motivational Growth before, and it was definitely weird. Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) voices a mold that is growing in an emotionally disturbed man’s bathroom. This movie is comedic, and I enjoy that in a horror film. I like when I can watch a movie and know that the people in it, and making were having a good time. Plus Jeffery Combs…I mean come on, dude’s a legend.


Third: Re-Animator (1985)

Whaaaaaat?!?! Super pumped about this movie. TWO movies with Jeffrey Combs, hell yeah. Obviously I love anything and everything to do with Re-Animator, as it is a horror movie classic, see my Kanye West: Re-Animator review. Yes you read that right. Kanye West. Anyway, back to Horror Pack. This Blu-ray is packed with special features and what looks like a documentary. I could go on and on about how much I love horror movie documentaries, but I will save that for another article. Everyone always skips over the special features, but DON’T! You will learn something I promise you! Plus deleted scenes! Can’t wait to make some popcorn and put this one on!


Last But NOT Least: Saw V (2009)

Saw V is a good movie with some memorable traps, ahem Pendulum. This is a 2-Disc Directors Cut. One disc is the standard Blu-ray and the other is a downloadable digital copy, you know, in case you want to be able to watch Saw V on your next long plane ride, and disturb whoever is sitting next to you on a deep level! Hooray for being a creep!    


All in all this Horror Pack set is definitely enjoyable, and I can’t wait to watch these movies!


Happy Haunts!


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