December 9, 2023

In The House Of Flies: Would You Survive?

In The House Of FliesDirector Gabriel Carrer and writer Angus McLellan hold back no punches in their film, In The House Of Flies. The thrill ride never stops – from the opening to the ending credits – this flick delivers!

Steven (actor Ryan Kotack) and Heather ( actress Lindsay Smith) are shown as your average young couple enjoying a date…clearly not their first as the two conclude their night chatting about love and marriage. This opening scene makes a valuable point…never hold off what you know your heart desires. Tomorrow may never come.

Throwing us off our step, Steven and Heather wake up groggy in the next scene, unsure of their surroundings. Steven instantly begins to panic. Heather, still in shock, comforts herself against the cold concrete wall. She continues to just sit knees to chest in a daze while watching Steven begin to find any way he possibly can to get them out. Her lover finally stops reacting out of raw emotion and we’re finally being shown the layout of the room holding the young couple captive. Dark, wet, cold concrete, a very small window, random bugs starving for a bite, three locked suitcases, a light, and a black rotary phone. With fear in their eyes the two realize they’re part of someone’s sick twisted game. Survival is the key of course!

I liked this movie, I didn’t love it. I wanted to love it but just found myself irritated by small pieces of the film that were distracting. The plot was great. The ending lacked substance. I enjoy when a movie leaves me thinking, “Could this happen to me?” I found this film to have that answer…yes! So for myself it brought a bit of a thrill to the ride.

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