February 26, 2024

Indie Horror Junkie: From Digital Zine to Film Fest and Beyond

Indie Horror Junkie has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the horror genre, captivating enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. What started as a free digital magazine earlier this year has now blossomed into a multi-faceted brand celebrating the rich tapestry of independent horror filmmaking.

Indie Horror Junkie

The brainchild of seasoned filmmaker and film festival organizer Rick Danford, Indie Horror Junkie was conceived as an outlet for the myriad of stories swirling in Danford’s mind after over two decades of running film festivals and events. The magazine has quickly gained traction, drawing attention for its exclusive interviews with up-and-coming stars in the horror genre.

One such interview featured Michael Leavy, known for his work on the huge hit Terrifier, who discussed his latest film, Stream. The magazine, initially a digital venture, has now expanded its reach by transitioning into print and will be available in various stores nationwide.

Adding another dimension to the brand, Indie Horror Junkie has a weekly Podcast that airs live on Streamyard, YouTube, and Facebook every Wednesday at 8 pm EST. Hosted by Otis B. Dreds (Curt Williams), Rotting Ricky (Rick Danford), and Asylum Aimee (Aimee Rolfsen), the Podcast delves into interviews with key figures in the Indie Horror scene, shedding light on the struggles and triumphs of those behind the chilling projects.

Looking ahead to 2024, Indie Horror Junkie is set to host its inaugural Film Fest during MegaCon Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center in February. Anticipating over 150,000 attendees, the festival aims to showcase the best in Indie Horror.

Not content with just celebrating the works of others, Indie Horror Junkie is venturing into the film distribution business with the launch of its first product, The Nightmare Collection Volume II. This film, featuring genre actress and fitness model Krista Grotte Saxon, marks the brand’s foray into bringing distinctive horror experiences to the market.

Reflecting on the brand’s rapid evolution, Rick Danford, also known as Rotting Ricky, expresses enthusiasm about the future. “All of this in just our first year – the future looks so bright for the Indie Horror Junkie brand that you might wanna wear shades.”

As the brand continues to thrive, it’s clear that Indie Horror Junkie is carving out its own space in the horror landscape, championing the unsung heroes of independent horror and bringing thrilling content to audiences in various forms.

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