November 30, 2023

Interview With ‘Lilith Ratchet’ Director Eddie Lengyel

The Curse of Lilith RatchetDirector Eddie Lengyel has been on my horror radar since I first ran across his film Scarred (2013) which I enjoyed quite a bit. Eddie and I have kept in contact over the years and I had an opportunity to catch up with him recently to see what he’s been up to and what’s coming next.

Chewie: When last we got together (I interviewed Eddie in January of 2016) we chatted quite a bit about Scarred. What have you been up to since that time?  A while back we ran story about a film you were working on called The Naughty List / Lady Krampus. Whatever happened to that film? Why the name change?

Eddie Lengyel: Hey Chewie thanks for reaching out! Since Scarred we have gone on to do our first Christmas slasher Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride. The title was given to us by ITN Distribution. We were going to call the movie the Naughty List but they felt it would be received as part of the Krampus series. After Mother Krampus I decided to go on to do then my first supernatural thriller The Curse of Lilith Ratchet.

Chewie: Nice! Tell us a little bit about Ratchet. Is that an original story?

Eddie Lengyel: We’re actually screening it for the first time on September 20th at the Atlas Cinema 7 in Cleveland. (Link to event on Facebook). The doors open up at 6:00 PM with the screening starting at 7:00 PM. I have to tell you, The Curse of Lilith Ratchet is my best work yet. We shot it in 6k so it looks pretty amazing. I was very fortunate to have gotten picked up by Stuart Alson the owner  of ITN. He liked the concept I had for Ratchet and we talked it over and decided to go forward and make it part of his American Poltergeist series!

Chewie: That’s awesome! Anything special going on at the premiere?

Eddie Lengyel: Well, we will be doing a scavenger hunt if you will. We’ll be placing the hatchet from the movie under one of the seats if you are lucky enough to find the hatchet you will win a prize: either a t-shirt or official handmade shrunken head and 50 dollar gift card from Atlas Cinema – fun stuff!

The Curse of Lilith Ratchet Premiere
Click Here For Tickets To The Premiere!

Chewie: So, you’re a Cleveland guy. I know my all time favorite bar The Annex showed up in Scarred. Was Ratchet filmed in Cleveland?

Eddie Lengyel: As far as locations we shot in few of the actors’ houses. The star of the movie, Crissy Kolarik, let us invade her home for the scary bathtub scene.  Ann Shamess let us use her house for the Hunter Perry house. Hunter Perry is the host of Beyond the Veil,  a paranormal blogger and then we were so lucky to use Rock Star bar located in downtown Akron. Big thanks to the owner Chris Kanieski for being so accommodating for us!

Chewie: Have you worked with any of the cast before?

Eddie Lengyel: I have! I worked with a few of them. Hunter Perry (Rob Jaeger) was in my first film Hellweek. Dylan Revis (Roger Conners) was in Mother Krampus and Voodoo Rising. George Tutie was in Naughty List as well.

We really had a pretty talented cast in Ratchet. Crissy Kolarik just kills it as the ghost of Lilith Ratchet. She just had this haunting presence and actually scared me a few times and that never has happened before. My DP Greg Krause did the work of 5 men – absolutely incredible camera man, along with lighting and assistant director. I can’t say enough about him such and amazing human being! We all put in so much work on this film it was shot in 25 days without any breaks. It was a passion project for sure. I can’t wait to see the audiences reaction on September 20th!

Special thanks to Eddie for sitting down with me to chat. I’m excited to say that I just finished watching Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride today so you can expect that review to be posted shortly. Also, I’ll be in attendance at the world premiere of The Curse of Lilith Ratchet next month as well. If you want to join me get your tickets here: Hope to see you then!


I've been a fan of horror and slasher movies for as long as I can remember. I consider the original Halloween to be the best horror movie of all time and my guilty pleasure horror flick would be The Exorcist III. You can find me on Twitter at @406Northlane or TikTok @406Northlane where I'm sure I'll offend you at least once a day.

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