December 10, 2023

Jason Horton’s CRAVING Now Available on DVD and Blu-ray

Jason Horton’s CRAVING starring Felissa Rose, Kevin Caliber, and Al Gomez is now available on DVD and Blu-ray on Amazon, Best Buy, and other locations.

Craving Synopsis

A group of drug addicts are besieged by a group of mysterious figures inside a rural bar. As withdrawal starts to set in, a secret one of them is carrying threatens to destroy them all.

Craving - Special Edition Blu-Ray

Craving - Mac Mirror

Craving - Gail With Gun

Craving - Rachel Blood Flying

“I’m excited to finally be able to offer the physical release fans have been clamoring for. The fan and critical responses for Craving have been overwhelming. I’m very grateful to everyone who’s taken the time to check it out on streaming and am happy to have it available for physical release now.”Jason Horton

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