December 10, 2023

Jeremy Hirsch Makes On Screen Debut In Macabre Mountain

Jeremy Hirsch makes his on screen debut in the upcoming movie Macabre Mountain. Jeremy plays an electrician who gets in over his head. It is also the big screen debut of Jeremy’s son Lucus who plays the mysterious character of Trevor.

Jeremy Hirsch - Macabre Mountain

Felissa Rose, Dave Sheridan, Robert Mukes, Xander Goldman, and LC Holt also appear in the film. The movie was shot in Buckhannon, WV in September 2022. Principal photography was done in 12 days mostly at the Maniac Mountain haunted house grounds and the Bi-Centennial Inn.

Jeremy’s production company is “Stag Mountain Films” which is represented in many movies. Stag Mountain Films has a very memorable bumper in the beginning of Macabre Mountain.

Jeremy owns several dozen concert t-shirts, mostly of heavy metal bands. However, his collection also includes several Jethro Tull shirts, a Heart shirt, and one from a Cyndi Lauper concert that he really enjoyed. He has 3 cats.

It’s not surprising that Jeremy graduated college with a double major in history and political science. Proudly he also holds a Master’s degree in Public Affairs and Politics.

Macabre Mountain 2

See Jeremy Hirsch

You can see Jeremy and Lucus with the other stars on the big screen in Cranford, NJ on Oct. 13. VIP red carpet pass information can be obtained by contacting Jeremy himself at:

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