December 3, 2023

JUST BEFORE DAWN: a NOCTURNAL MNovel by Mark Allen now available on Amazon

Author Mark Allen has released his new NOCTURNAL novel, JUST BEFORE DAWN on Amazon. Press photos from award winning photographer, Fiona Young.

Mark Allen with JUST BEFORE DAWN

It has been five years since the events of NOCTURNAL, and life has settled back to normal. The Vampire continues his quiet existence and visits his beloved granddaughter, Lottie. Reggie Downing is now Lead Detective, and Nick Castle is his lieutenant after Morris Horn’s retirement. Reggie is Nick’s most trusted confidant.

But a twisted killer stalks San Diego’s Vampire Goth club scene, leaving kills that mimic vampirism. Desperate to stop this evil, Reggie asks for his ancestor’s help once again. Reluctant to involve himself in “the affairs of man” and yet deeply offended by the killer’s methods, the Vampire uneasily agrees.

Just Before Dawn - A Nocturnal Novel by Mark Allen

As they track this human monster who always keeps one step ahead, a dark and powerful entity from the Vampire’s past emerges in the present, determined to send him to his Final Death and slaughter his descendants, thereby severing the Vampire’s bloodline for all eternity.

With time his most implacable enemy, the Vampire must face both threats simultaneously and defeat them to protect what is left of his family. Events barrel headlong to the inevitable, gruesome climax on one fateful night when the Vampire once again digs down within himself and makes a stand to show the worlds of both mortals and monsters why he, a walking corpse named Edwin Thaddeus Marx, is one of the most ruthless and deadliest creatures that has ever lived, died, and then lived again.

No one threatens the Vampire’s family and lives.


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