Kanye West: Rapper, Fashion Designer…Reanimator

He’s a motha****ing monster!

Love him or hkanyewest-reanimatorate him, Yeezy is bringing back the dead in Josh Chaplinsky’s novel, Kanye West- Reanimator (2015).

Written in the Lovcraftian style many horror fans can appreciate, Kanye is our “Herbert West” character, bringing back to life the state of hip-hop. How you may ask? Well, as only one Yeezus can do, with fresh beats and a sick flow. This all comes along with mishaps and drama involving Biggie and Tupac…and of course Kim.

Josh Chaplinksy obviously had an excellent time writing this, and I had an excellent time reading it. My favorite part had to be Yay and Sir Paul McCartney slicing and dicing Jay-Z in the studio, as slowly… we realize…he’s not all the way dead.

I know that not everyone is a Kanye fan, but you really do have to appreciate the fun take on the H.P. Lovecraft original story. It is written with the dramatic Lovecraft Prose, as well as with a Chi-Town flair that will leave you entertained. I finished the book in one sitting, and it’s one I will always recommend for the bookworm who has “read-everything”.

Now, I need this book cover as a poster…come on how cool is it?

Buy the book here!

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