April 16, 2024

Killer Friends (2015) – Love, Support… and Kill Scott

Killer Friends PosterI got an email a while back about a new dark comedy / horror flick called Killer Friends which was by first time director first time filmmaker Zach Noe Towers. The tail end of summer and the beginning of the new school year got in the way and I’m just now getting around to posting my review and I figure Short Movie Monday is a good time to do it!

Killer Friends Synopsis

Four friends go on a camping trip that one (Scott played by director Zach Noe Towers) won’t be coming back from alive.

Thanks to a short theatrical release, Killer Friends is eligible for an Academy Awards nomination which is super cool!

Actor-filmmaker Zach Noe Towers said, “I still can’t believe my little horror comedy is going to be considered for an Oscar nomination. Horror is such an over-looked genre, so it feels really great to be recognized in this grand way”

Killer Friends is written, produced, and directed by Zach Noe Towers. It stars Zach Noe Towers (Scott), Jenna-Lee Carreiro (Jill), Peggy Sinnott(Heather), and Dave Racki (Bryan).

Plot & Thoughts

Jill is over her roommate Scott. Rather than asking him to move out she plots to kill him (naturally). Her boyfriend Bryan and best friend Heather go along for the ride on a weekend camping trip where they’re going to carry out the deed.

This is a solid little flick. No, it’s better than that. It’s great. Its got an outstanding look and is acted in such a way that makes you feel for the main character (Scott) and turn on him all in the span of a few minutes. The premise of someone killing their roommate is sort of silly but you quickly understand just why she’d go to such drastic measures and honestly… get it. 😉 That said, Scott is a pure character. He’s unfiltered. He’s funny. He’s maddening. The fact that I can describe a character from a short (ten minutes or so) film is a testament to just how well the character is written and played.

And don’t think I’m forgetting the rest of the cast. They’re great here as well, giving Scott dialog and “action” to unwittingly play off of. It’s really a thing of beauty. As I said at the top Killer Friends is eligible for an Oscar nomination. I’m not sure what other films it will be up against but I wouldn’t bet against it. If you’re looking for something a little silly with a horror twinge to it this is a strong recommend.

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