April 19, 2024

Found Footage Film ‘KULT’ – Exclusively on Thoughtcrime

In KULT, witness the uncovered footage of paranoid vlogger, Ethan Clarke, as he attempts to expose a secretive and cult-like religious organization. When Ethan’s plan is thwarted, the organization hunts him down. Available now exclusively on Thoughtcrime.

Kult Poster

Director Daniel Algarin swaps jump scares for dread, and crafts an atmosphere of tension and mystery, inviting the viewer to solve the riddles hidden deep within the film. It was shot using MiniDV tapes to bring LoFi sensibilities back into the horror conversation. With its unorthodox visuals and cerebral fears, KULT is a must-watch for horror aficionados and thriller fans alike.

KULT premiered at the Giallo International Film Festival in Paris, where it won the Best Actor Award for Tim Torre’s unforgettable lead performance. Bloody Flicks called it,  “A fascinating and timely film that asks plenty of questions and provides just enough answers.”

Experience the mystery of KULT exclusively on Thoughtcrime


About Thoughtcrime:
Thoughtcrime is a creative studio that specializes in unorthodox cinema and subversive content. The brainchild of filmmaker Daniel Algarin, Thoughtcrime is committed to singular creative visions and unique narratives, and aims to bridge the gap between cinematic craft and internet sensibilities.

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