July 14, 2024

Lavender (2017)

Lavender (2017) is as visually stunning as it is psychological. . .

Official Plot: When a photographer (Abbie Cornish) suffers severe memory loss after a traumatic accident, strange clues amongst her photos suggest she may be responsible for the deaths of family members she never knew she had. Justin Long plays a psychiatrist who helps her recover lost memories.

I was very excited to begin watching Lavender, as there were some promising actors featured in it, such as Abbie Cornish and Justin Long. I was immediately impressed by how beautiful everything was in this movie; the settings and scenery, wardrobe, the haunting music, and of course, Abbie Cornish. Something I enjoyed very much about this movie was the use of visuals and sound. The musical score was excellent, and one would do well to see this movie in theaters.

Another great aspect of this movie was the acting of everyone in the film. I liked how every character had a distinct traits that made them enjoyable to watch. Jane (Abbie Cornish), and Alan (Diego Klattanhoff) have a seemingly unraveling marriage. We see Jane in the beginning the film as a seemingly forgetful and often distant woman, but soon come to find she has a long and difficult history that her memory has suppressed. Through the “guidance” of her doctor (Justin Long), Jane will soon discover the secrets that have remained inside her head for 25 years. When Abbie travels back to the home in her photos, we learn the truth of what happened there years ago.

This is a film that could be classified as a slow-burner, or a film that slowly builds upon a sense of dread throughout. If you are a fan of movies like The Invitation or It Follows, then Lavender would be perfect for you. With it’s gorgeous sense of mystery, this was one that I really enjoyed watching. I would like to see this film gain some good publicity, as I can see many enjoying it.

Release Info: 

AMBI Media Group and Samuel Goldwyn Films will be releasing LAVENDER in Theaters, on VOD and Digital HD on March 3rd The film has an all star cast of Abbie Cornish, Diego Klattenhoff, Justin Long, Dermot Mulroney and was directed and co-written by Ed Gass-Donnelly.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lavenderthemovie

Movie Website: http://www.lavenderthemovie.com/

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