December 10, 2023

Lesions: A Heart-Pounding Horror Thriller Featuring Alexander McPherson and Elsa Ames

Lesions 4

Prepare to be enthralled and terrified in equal measure as Lesions, a spine-chilling horror film, prepares to make its mark on the silver screen. Directed by the incredibly talented Codey S. Wilson and backed by the esteemed executive producer Michael Steven Robbins of RobbinsCage, this movie promises to be a thrilling and heart-pounding experience.

Lesions 3

Lesions delves into the nightmarish story of a young couple, portrayed by the exceptional Alexander McPherson and Elsa Ames, who flee the hustle and bustle of the city in search of solace and to process a shocking new diagnosis. Their quest for peace takes a horrifying turn when they are pursued by a sinister pack of killers. As the relentless killers draw near, an unexpected twist unfolds as the hunters become the hunted, seeking refuge within the home to elude a killing machine that no one anticipated.

Lesions 5

Filming for Lesions wrapped up on the ominous Friday the 13th in Lynchburg, Virginia, infusing an extra layer of dread into the production. This picturesque yet unsettling location serves as the perfect backdrop for a chilling narrative that will leave audiences trembling.

Lesions 1

Director Codey S. Wilson, renowned for his mastery of suspense and tension, has meticulously crafted Lesions into a cinematic masterpiece. With his visionary storytelling and expertly crafted suspenseful sequences, Wilson has ensured that this film will keep viewers on the edge of their seats throughout.

Lesions 2

Executive producer Michael Steven Robbins, known for supporting groundbreaking and unforgettable projects, is excited to bring Lesions to a global audience. His unwavering commitment to delivering unique and memorable cinematic experiences shines through in his involvement with this project.


Get ready for a horror film that challenges the conventional norms of the genre, where the line between hunter and prey blurs, and terror emerges from an unexpected source. Lesions promises to be an exhilarating rollercoaster of suspense and fear that will haunt your nightmares long after the credits roll.

Lesions Still

Official Lesions Trailer Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for further updates and details about the release of Lesions in the spring of 2024. Be on the lookout for the official trailer, which will be released around December. Brace yourself for an unforgettable cinematic experience that will make you question who you can trust when terror lurks in the most unexpected places.

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