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Like Horror Anthologies? Here Comes 10.31.16

Are you a fan of horror anthologies? I am. In fact I just got done watching Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories last night (review coming soon). Well, if you’re a fan of anthologies you’re in luck because we just got an announcement today that there’s a new one on its way:

10/31/16 is a new horror anthology from the creators of The Barn & Volumes of Blood. Here is the official poster:

10-31-16 - One Sheet

We don’t have any additional information about 10/31/16 at this point but rest assured we’ll pass it along as soon as it becomes available. Until then, here’s a couple of stills that were passed our way. Stay tuned!

10_31_16 - Jordan Phipps - Samhain Slasher 10_31_16 - The Samhain Slasher

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