February 26, 2024

Why Is LOBSTER GIRL COMICS Blowing Up On TikTok?

The cutting-edge fiction and mind-blowing graphics of Jon Morvay’s Bible Black and Lobster Girl Comics is finding a new home with TikTok. These stories will take you down a rabbit hole filled with sex, horror, and fantasy.

Best-selling independent comic book, BIBLE BLACK: LOBSTER GIRL & OTHER TALES is a collection of short stories and illustrations that take captivated readers into Dante’s Inferno, a descent into the madness of human folly and tragedy. These tales invoke some of the rawest of human emotions and leaves you feeling ultimately grateful for life as you know it. Morvay touches on everything from lust to religion, to war to abortion in this deranged compilation of fairy tales.

Bible Black TikTok:

Lobster Girl Synopsis

A guy meets a stripper with Ectrodactyly (known as Lobster Claw Syndrome) and falls in love and wants the surgery to make him look just like her…with Lobster hands.

You are definitely left wanted to learn more about Lobster Girl and the other tales of despair weaved together by Morvay. I can certainly see the possibility of this story transformed into a live action horror movie, at least that is my hope. I would recommend you experience Lobster Girl and Other Tales but be warned, once you watch it… it can’t be unwatched.

“I wrote the original as a one-shot and never expected to have the sales numbers and the interest with such a unique themed and polarizing comic. It was the highest selling independent comic of the year. I think people are tired of X-men, etc. The fans are talking and the story has hit a nerve with every love-sick psychopath like me. I hear you my “Mad in Love” compadres (Follement Amourese)… I have to get to work on Lobster Girl 2. Even I am excited to find out what happens. : ) My wheels are turning.” – J. Morvay

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