March 2, 2024

Malignant Summer by Tim Meyer

I had seen the cover of Malignant Summer by Tim Meyer making appearances on Twitter and was praying to get a copy in the mail from Silver Shamrock Publishing. Thankfully my prayers were answered, though probably not by God, but something much more sinister.

I recently described Malignant Summer this way:

Malignant Summer“If Freddy Krueger met Pennywise and they had a spawn baby in Hawkins, Indiana during summer break in the 90’s, it wouldn’t be half as good as Malignant Summer by @timmmeyer11. I’m almost done, but not ready for it to be over.”

Well, I have finally finished this epic tale and I can say I still stand by my words. This coming of age tale should not be missed by horror fans of today. I was not able to have my moment of wonder with the epic IT by Stephen King, as it was realeased before I was born, and had seen the movie and heard every detail of it before ever having the chance to read it fresh. But I am so happy to have the first reading experience with a book I strongly can compare to IT.

Malignant Summer is the perfect summer read. There is a wide array of characters that may seem to be a lot to handle at first. Remember, when you are dealing with a long novel you have time to get invested in these characters. You learn their private thoughts, their daily lives, and in some cases, their demises. Take time to get absorbed in this novel. You will follow a group of middle schoolers trying to solve a cataclysmic horror, The Mother of Dead Dreams, as she seeks to control and destroy, leaving death and disease in her wake from her unending rage.

Meyer writes in a way that will leave you disgusted and enthralled at the same time. There is no time like our youth, when the possibilities of life, love, and magic seem to be endless. Unless you live in Hooperstown, New Jersey, where your dreams are endless visions of malignance, and the only way to wake up is by risking it all.

Malignant Summer is available here to order!

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