May 20, 2024

Marketing Macabre Announces New Seminar For Filmmakers

Marketing Macabre offers a fresh perspective on your horror project. Our focus is making you and your horror project into a brand.

Marketing Macabre Logo

A lot of filmmakers only see their movie as a single piece of art, but we see it as a bigger opportunity. A movie is a business, and we devise a marketing plan that will stand the test of time. The core marketing of your film happens six months before to six months after its’ release. We have devised a plan of action to prevent your independent horror film from falling into the depths of obscurity.

Marketing Macabre Free Seminar

If I have caught your attention, then you might be interested in an upcoming free seminar being developed by Marketing Macabre that will help save your horror films from being buried by time. Let’s take things to the next level. Please email me to sign up for “Marketing Macabre Beyond”!

Email – Marketing Macabre

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