February 26, 2024

Unlimited Marketing Possibilities For Filmmakers In 2024

Horror films are adored by fans worldwide making it the most popular genre on the planet. Independent filmmakers have flooded the digital movie landscape giving fans an endless variety of vampires, zombies, and slashers to choose from. Streaming services are the hot bed for these bloody covered goodies, but many of these indie films are easily buried under this plethora of gore. How do you stand out amongst the masses and have your film rise up from the dead?

Marketing Macabre is the answer.

Marketing Macabre Feature

Michael Joy‘s horror specific press agency has been giving independent filmmakers a voice since 2017. Marketing Macabre leverages press releases, exclusive interviews and content, banner ads, top ten lists, and more through a dedicated network of horror media outlets that include Horrornewsnet, Slasher, Indie Horror Junkie, Horror Fuel, Bloody-Flicks, Horror Screams Video Vault, Scared Stiff Reviews, Britflicks, Horror-Asylum, Horror Society, ScareTissue, Horror-Fix, Promote Horror, TBM Horror, Screen-One, Creepy Bonfire, Horror Realm, Horror Patch, The Rotting Zombie, From Page 2 Screen, and Pophorror, among others.

If there is one thing that holds true, it’s the fact that every single film needs a marketing plan, no matter what size production.

There is something for every level filmmaker from single serve press releases for no budget films to Unlimited Packages that can cover the scope of multiple films being released monthly.

There is also sponsorship packages available for the upcoming haunted attraction, FEAR VILLAGE opening Halloween season 2024.

Marketing Macabre: Perception is Reality

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