May 20, 2024

Michael S. Rodriguez’s Horror Film DAISY Coming This Summer

Daisy is the throwback creature feature you’ve been waiting for! Michael S. Rodriguez (Last American Horror Show I & 2) has crafted a unique tale that draws from modern day events and obscure folklore. Daisy is the story of Felix (Michael Wainwright), an Afghan war Vet with a not-so sunny disposition as he now tends his late father’s auto repair shop in the small town of Cutler.


Daisy Synopsis

Struggling daily with PTSD as the soul survivor of his squad he finds solace in a now full grown creature he brought back from the trenches of war. Unknowingly Felix has befriended an undiscovered humanoid with a thirst for human blood. Rodriguez came up with the concept during a conversation with an actual war Vet who spoke of a legendary crytid in the desert regions of Afghanistan that was similar to a large vampire bat.

Daisy Poster

Rodriguez produced and filmed the movie in 6 days on a modest budget and went heavy with practical effects. “I think we captured a nostalgic yet unique take on the classic monster movie,” states Rodriguez. Daisy has received positive critical reception and is currently on the film festival circuit scene with plans to release on streaming platforms and physical by summer.

Daisy stars Michael Wainwright, Sparkle Soojian, Wade Pierson, Manuel Ramirez , Matt Macedo and introducing Jamie Krivobok as Daisy.

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