October 2, 2023

My Master Satan (2016) Review

My Master SatanLast year I reviewed a short film called Satan’s Coming For You written an directed by Dakota Bailey. You can check out my full review (as well as the full film) here: ‘Satan’s Coming For You’ With… Silent Bob? In a nutshell I didn’t really care for it as it just wasn’t quite my cup of tea. That said, there was some good things going on. Dakota reached out to me to see if I’d be willing to watch the feature length follow up to that short titled My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence. Dakota (rightly so) suggested that it was better than the short and I’ve got to say that I agree with him completely.

The film features three tales that revolve around serial killer Alister (Dakota Bailey) & his equally demented serial killer friends Woody (Wild Willy Wakefield), Charlie (Brian Knapp), Bubba (Matt Marshall), Dealin’ Dick (Larry Bay) & takes the viewer deep into a seedy underworld of crime, drugs and murder.

Plot & Thoughts

As the film started I wasn’t quite sure if the first of three tales was simply the short I’d watched last year or not. Quite a bit of the footage was re-used but it was inter cut with other scenes and dialog that helped move the story along and explain what was going on. There’s nothing “funny” here at all. This is a straight up grimy, dingy horror flick that is helped along by the fact that it was recorded (mostly) on VHS. This gives you that vintage look and feel and really brought me back to the days when I’d go into a video store and pick out the gnarliest horror movie I could find based simply on the box art.

The fact that it’s recorded on VHS does have its downside though. The audio here is really terrible. Even though Dakota told me to turn it up when I listened to it I found myself having a really difficult time hearing the characters talk to one another. As I said in my review of the short film I couldn’t help to think about Jay and Silent Bob of Kevin Smith fame when watching these flicks. That’s hammered home because of the muted color palette and the fact that Clerks was shot in black and white. What I’m picking up here is more a demented Beavis and Butthead. And that’s not meant as a slight on the film. Picture Beavis and Butthead as legit messed up teenagers / young men and you get the crew in My Master Satan.

The locations here are good and really seem to “fit” the story. Not sure if Dakota just went into his neighborhood or scouted locations but either way it comes off well. The “score” (for lack of a better term) is straight up death metal which is a little heavy for my liking but once again fits the tone of the film. As with the short quite a bit of the violence occurs off screen but there’s enough there to A) make you know that these guys mean business and B) lend to the “horror” of the film. Actually now that I think about it I’m not sure this is really a “horror” movie. If someone told me that say the kids who shot up Columbine or the asshole that went into a bar in Orlando made some home movies, this would be the sort of thing that I’d picture. I spose those would be horrific.

The three stories come together really as one full piece with drugs and Satan plying a pivotal role. My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence isn’t your traditional slasher flick. Hell, it’s not your traditional horror flick. But if you’re looking for something that’s grimy and sleezy and will leave you with a feeling of “ick” when you see what true evil can do, this may be one for you.

Special thanks to Dakota Bailey for access to his film.


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