April 16, 2024

Nerd! Nerd! Nerd! Nerd’s the Word!

Dear Troma:
Even if you don’t have direct hand-on-reel contact, you manage to deliver us some of the best quality slop I’ve grown to love. Mixed into this ‘Slopping Pot’ is the 90s comedy-horror funks, Killer Nerd [1991] and Bride of Killer Nerd [1992], both written and directed by Mark Steven Bosko and Wayne Alan Harold.

killernerdIn Killer Nerd, we are introduced to Harold Kunkle (Toby Radloff), who is too legit to quit at being bonafide nerdy. And, by this I mean – Toby Radloff has a unique enunciation of every syllable spoken and the spiffed up glasses to match in what we call “The Real World”.

Constantly being harassed by an office coworker (and, well, pretty much anyone anti-Nerd), Harold finds comfort in venting to his next desk neighbor and crush, Jenny, and she isn’t too shy to deny him a date. Feeling dejected, Harold looks for a way to be cool and signs up for a complete do-it-yourself makeover thanks to Slick Dick’s SCHOOL OF COOL, before heading over to the local florist and grabbing some flowers in hopes to sway Jenny his way.kn3

What’s this?
Well, Damn!*snaps fingers*
He’s a little late to the game. She is sleeping with the enemy.

Harold decides to drown his misery in fruity drinks and weird dancing, which brings him to some unknown location with two gals and a couple of dopey, drug dealing mullet-heads from earlier in the film.
They’re bad news.
And, this time, they push him way too far and sends him on a crazy acid pouring, cleaver wielding, DYN-O-MITE of a rampage.

                          Lucky for us – this movie isn’t the end for our Harold!

kn7Harold relocates to a new city in Bride of Killer Nerd. Here, he is able live another lonely paper pushing existence, aside from the occasional ghostly visits from his past victims. One day at his local church, Harold meets Thelma Crump – a high school student on the verge of giving up on everything due to the continuous torment living in Nerdom brings her.
It is awkward love at first bespectacled sight.

kn9After the most recent misunderstanding that causes a problem with the high school bitchy bunch, Thelma is informally invited to a big shindig to bury the hatchet. Excited, she invites Harold to be her date against his better judgement.
A judgement Harold should have stood firm on.

Harold and Thelma become the unpaid party entertainment of the evening. With their dignity shredded like carrots, together they seek bloody revenge on those who’ve belittled them.

I love the Killer Nerd movies. From the practically no-budget gore special effects to the quirky demeanor of Harold. If you haven’t Nerded out, grab yourself a copy of the Killer Kollector’s Edition, drin`k something with a twist and have some friends over for a laugh!


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