October 1, 2022

Never Tear Us Apart (2015) – Proof of Concept Proves Brilliant

Never Tear Us Apart (2015)We get a lot of emails here at ScareTissue central. We try to get stuff reviewed and out the door as quickly as we can but sometimes life gets in the way and well… shit happens. Sadly there are times when some really good stuff falls through the cracks and that’s absolutely the case with Never Tear Us Apart. This short directed by Sid Zanforlin is a ‘proof-of-concept’ for the feature length version presently in development. A young man searches for his grandparents, only to discover they’re crazed, backwoods cannibals.

Zanforlin says, “I wrote this script because as a filmmaker, I became obsessed with how a journey to self-discovery might go really wrong. It’s a story that subconsciously depicts my life growing up in Montreal, leaving many times to other cities, but ultimately returning because this is where I ‘fit in’. Never Tear Us Apart is my story, though splattered with a little blood here and there for good measure.”

Never Tear Us Apart star Matt Keyes, Alex Weiner, James Rae, Leigh Ann Taylor, and Mark Krupa. It was written by Sid Zanforlin and Chris Bavota, produced by Patricia Gomez Zlatar, Sid Zanforlin, Chris Bavota and Matt Keyes. Cinematography by Steeve Desrosiers, Visual FX by Justin Tripp, and Music by Michael Richard Plowman. Never Tear Us Apart will be included in the much anticipated anthology feature film called Minutes Past Midnight, an Indiecan release slated for October 18th, 2016.

Plot & Thoughts

Longtime friends James and Colin travel down a path in the middle of the woods looking for James’ long lost grandparents. When they arrive at a dilapidated cabin, they quickly realize they’re in the wrong place when two backwoods cannibals become aware of their presence and chase them off. Lost in the woods, they need to figure a way back home if they hope to survive.

Never Tear Us Apart - Press Release

This is simply outstanding. It’s only a few minutes long and it contains one of the best (and out of nowhere) kill scenes you’ll ever see in a horror flick. It’s a part of the press materials so I don’t feel like I’m spoiling it but this death is great. This short has won numerous awards and it absolutely deserves them. I wish I could include the full film here for your viewing pleasure. I’ve reached out to to the film maker to request permission but until then I can leave you with the trailer below which in and of itself is amazing with great version of a very recognizable tune.

When you get an opportunity to view the full film, do yourself a favor and take a couple of minutes to soak it in. What you’ll find is a short that is well acted, good sound quality (which can be tough to come by), a well scouted location and a film that feels “full” even with such a short duration. We even get a “twist” ending that rounds things out nicely and really left me wanting more (not sure what that says about me). If Never Tear Us Apart is considered a proof of concept then it proves one thing… the feature length film is not to be missed.

To know more about the work of Sid Zanforlin, please visit the official website of Head on the Door Productions: headonthedoorproductions.com


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