February 26, 2024

New Fears Eve – Official Poster

We received an email from director PJ Starks recently with the brand new poster for the upcoming New Fears Eve!

Here’s the official one-sheet for the forthcoming slasher comedy New Fears Eve. Below are updates from Writer/Producer/Co-Director PJ Starks and Producer/Co-Director Eric Huskisson.

New Fears Eve Poster

New Fears Eve Poster

P.J.:  New Fears Eve is currently in post-production. We’re about to send it off to be color corrected, the sound design done and it’s being scored. The score is being composed by Frank Dormani who’s doing an incredible job. It’s very reminiscent of 90s slashers like Urban Legend or I Know What You Did Last Summer. It’s giving the movie a big feel and I love everything about it. We wanted to ramp up the gore on a few of the kills, of which there are over forty. We felt they could be more gruesome, therefore, we shot some additional material.

Eric:  We’re in the grueling hurry up and wait stages of post. While things are moving slower than we would like, they are progressing. Our one-sheet created by Austin Hinderliter has been finalized. Frank Dormani is just about finished with the score, and Josh Siegel is finishing what visual effects are needed. Once we have those two pieces completed then we have to get the film to the colorist and sound designer. Our hope is, we’ll be talking to distributors early next year!

Stay tuned to the site for more info about New Fears Eve as it becomes available!


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