December 2, 2023

New Godzilla Trailer (LEAKED)

Godzilla (2014)The brand new Godzilla trailer is to be released at 1 pm today (10 pacific). has found a leaked version of the work in progress trailer, and it looks amazing.  We will link to the actual trailer as soon as it arrives.

It opens with a group of soldiers that are making a “halo jump” (a jump made from 15,000-35,000 feet) into a strange fog.  Their commanding officer tells them that “(quite frankly) none of us have faced a situation like this before”.  After ejecting red smoke markers upon jumping, we are treated to see the soldiers free fall.  As the soldiers approach the fog, we see flashes of light through the clouds.

The soldiers continue to fall through the fog, and we are shown a picture of the city that looks very reminiscent of New York City after 9/11.  Smoke is billowing off of the city, and we see the city from the water.

The next frame is quite dark, but we are then introduced to a man running in a tunnel.  A few more random shots are shown, and then a man is shown calmly standing in a subway train.  A giant foot comes through the top of train.  A mother hugs her child (looks to just be in a house), and Bryan Cranston (I think) is shown in (what can best be described) his Breaking Bad cooking gear looking up into a bright light in some dark place.

A giant fireball (perhaps a monster) is shown from inside an airport style window (Whole wall is made of windows).  We have a few character shots, and a shot of the beach.  Like Cloverfield, we are shown a skyscraper with a giant monster shaped hole in it, but it is the day here.  A large figure walks by in the background.

We see a face, and then some smoke.

The smoke clears, and we are treated to Godzilla and his iconic roar.

There is a viral campaign that is ramping up with this as well.  A promotional picture bearing the url takes you to an odd website that looks like a government login page.  Hacking that site (it’s a game) privies you to 5 different videos (If you don’t feel like solving, check with our friends at or Reddit.  Unfiction is a website dedicated to these viral games, while Reddit is Reddit.

Godzilla stars Elizabeth Olsen (Oldboy, Avengers 2), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle), and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick Ass, Avengers 2).

UPDATE 12:36 PM: Here’s a link to the leaked video.

UPDATE 1:10 PM:  Here is the official trailer, and it is very close to the leaked copy I saw (a couple scenes added).


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