July 20, 2024

Paradies and Paradies 2 – Damien Douglas’ Movies by Misfits and Bungalow Films, Launches New Horror/Thriller Franchise on BET +

Damien Douglas’ Movies by Misfits and Bungalow Films, launches new Horror/Thriller Franchise on BET +PARADIES 1 and sequel PARADIES 2” starring Jhone Y. Lucas.

Paradies Synopsis

Death, Deception and Demons takes place on the lush island of Belize. When a group of adventurous contest winners, embark on a journey to a 5 star resort, the vacation and excitement, quickly turns to dread, and the run for their lives.

The sequel (PARADIES 2) continues on a high octane rollercoaster ride, when new tourists, become new victims, haunted by the same unseen terror, unleashing a malevolent force, trying to escape.

  • Written by Damien Douglas & Eric Falvey
  • Directed by Dale Stelly
  • Also starring – Gui DaSilva, Tyler Abron and Horacio Guerrero
  • Produced by: Damien Douglas, Kevin Weisberg and Erica Peeples

In the heart of the Belizean jungle, this Franchise, will serve as a deadly game of survival, as the contestants fight to escape the demons, death and deception, the locals call “La Ciguapa.”

Both movies will premier on BET + on October 26th.

Paradies 1 and Paradies 2

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