December 10, 2023

New Rock Song ‘Children of the Night Celebrates the Classic Movie Monsters

In “Children of the Night“, the Universal Monsters are featured in a new song for the first time since “Monster Mash,” 60 years ago.

Children of the Night Album Art With Credits

Former Universal Studios tour guide and creator of the comedy Twitter account @FakeThemePark Jason Ginsburg has produced and co-written “Children of the Night,” a song he calls, “a literal love letter to these iconic characters” that include Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, and the Mummy.

The song’s narrator has become so “bored with regular men” that she starts dating the classic monsters. She recounts what first attracted her to each one, and then explains the fatal flaw that led her to break up with them. Eventually, she ends up with Frankenstein…which makes her the famous Bride.

The title comes from the memorable line spoken by Dracula in his 1931 film. Upon hearing wolves howling outside his castle, he declares, “Listen to them – children of the night! What music they make!”

Ginsburg is a lifelong fan of the classic monsters, and was thrilled that his work at Universal let him walk the historic sets where their movies were made. “I’ve always felt the monsters deserved their own anthem. As I started writing it, I realized the core of these movies is actually love, even if it’s misguided or unwanted. Though terrifying, the monsters are really sympathetic characters. This song tries to humanize them and show how relatable they really are.”

He wrote the lyrics and connected with film and video game composer Eduardo García Rascón (whose work includes the upcoming games Womg and Mogrimera: Disciple of Order) to create what they call “a cross between a gothic symphonic metal work and a Broadway showtune.” Vocalist Brette Alana brought the song to life.

“Since the beginning, this project sounded very appealing to me,” says Rascón. I loved the idea of creating sort of an ode to the classic monsters known and loved by so many throughout generations, a song unlike any other! I also embraced the challenge of creating a song that appropriately tells a story sort of like a Broadway song mixed with a symphonic metal feel.”

Brette Alana found the creation process to be “a blast. It was so satisfying to give a voice to the electrifying feminine point-of-view, in the world of classic monsters, in such a fun and relatable way. For me, the message is really highlighting the possibility that monsters aren’t that different from us at all, and could even be a mere reflection of the nature that runs through every being, dead or alive – and that’s love.”

The lyrics for “Children of the Night” include references to the monster films and their quirky sequels that should delight horror fans. Attentive listeners will also hear the themes from Frankenstein (1931) and The Wolf Man (1941). The song includes Swan Lake, which served as the main title for both Dracula and The Mummy (1932). “Since the beginning it was very clear that we needed to, somehow, sneak in small snippets of the classic themes. Just small references for the fans out there, sort of like an easter egg,” notes Rascón.

All eight classic monsters are referred to in “Children of the Night,” a feat that surpasses even “Monster Mash” from 1962. Ginsburg and Rascón hope the song can become a Halloween staple, noting there hasn’t been a spooky hit since the era of “Ghostbusters” and “Thriller” in the ‘80s.

While Universal didn’t participate in the project, Ginsburg hopes it sparks a renaissance of monster content and would love for his song to become part of Universal’s legacy. “It would be a dream come true to hear this song playing at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.”

Listen to Children of the Night

Children of the Night” is available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

Jason Ginsburg is the creator of @FakeThemePark, Twitter’s longest-running comedy project. He studied film at USC and has written content for Science Channel, Home Shopping Network, and Playboy, along with the screenplay for The Sorcerer Beast. He lives in New York and works for Discovery Channel. Follow him on Threads @jrginsburg.

Eduardo Garcia Rascón is a composer whose work can be heard on the upcoming video games Womg and Mogrimera: Disciple of Order as well as in short films like Mr. Chuckles by Mario Garza and The Challenge by Jacob Boyd. He has also composed a plethora of children’s music for the YouTube channel HiDino Kids Songs, the show The Incredible Adventures of Bimi Boo and Friends,and the album Fluke Horizon: A Journey,which is part of the book and audiobook The Orange and Ginger Soapy Shampoo. You can also follow his work on his studio’s website 8-Bit Studio.

Brette Alana is an up-and-coming recording performing artist and producer, based in California. She has been nationally awarded and recognized for her numerous projects by the National DownBeat Magazine. Her first release – written, produced, and mastered all on her own, “Sunday Afternoon” –  is available on all music streaming platforms. Keep up with her @BretteAlana.


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