May 20, 2024

Official Trailer F’d: Tales From the End Times

Award-winning horror anthology F’d: Tales from the End Times announces the release of its first trailer today.

F'd - Tales from the End Times

The film, which centers around a roster of stories from some of horror’s most visionary directors, all taking place on the day the world ends, is currently making the rounds on the festival circuit. Featured Directors include Ash Hamilton (Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story, Play With Me), Dillon Brown (Tahoe Joe 1&2, Ghost), Josh Brucker (The Woodmen, Mothman), Ben Harl (Afterlife), and Michael Gregory (Apocalypse Eve). The film also marks the return of producer and collaborator Michael Joy.

F’d: Tales from the End Times Official Trailer

The film stands at FIVE official selections and FOUR award wins. Distribution and official release details forthcoming.

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