August 3, 2020

Official Trailer Released For Upcoming ‘Crawl Bitch Crawl’

Crawl Bitch Crawl Coming SoonTulsa, OK – 7/15/2013 – Gritty, claustrophobic Independent Horror/Sci-fi film ‘CRAWL BITCH CRAWL’ directed by Oklahoma Ward releases OFFICIAL TRAILER!


Synopsis: An elite security team assigned the task of protecting the last known woman who can become pregnant, find themselves caught in an endless claustrophobic underground tunnel system. The team soon learns – the real horror is not the unstoppable creature chasing them, but the ever growing smaller tunnel itself. The will to live for each member of the team gets challenged with the obstacle of a fourteen inch two thousand foot tunnel. 

What horror fans are saying about CRAWL BITCH CRAWL…

“…Get through this horror tunnel…” -Bloody Disgusting (Mr Disgusting)

“…A Fist-Clenching, Breath-Holding, Claustrophobic Thrill-Ride…” -Yell! Magazine (Joanna Jaguar)

“Going to the counter and ordering a ticket to this film should be fun!” -Horror Smorgasbord (Slowdeath77)

“…Breakout Actress Nicole Alonso…kicks some serious ass…” -Yell Magazine (Joanna Jaguar)

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