December 3, 2023

Official Trailer: The Boatyard

The Boatyard OFFICIAL TRAILER has arrived from director, Dale A Stelly!

Five college kids go out on one of their dad’s boats for spring break. After partying all day, the boat won’t start back up and they are stranded in the middle of the sea. Once it gets darks, a strangers offers to help them by taking them to the boatyard where he can fix their boat only to find out he’s hungry for death.

The Boatyard Official Trailer

Amy Byrd, Megan Carrasquillo, Zachary Roosa, Jamal Averett, Caitlyn Rose, Mike Ferguson, Susan Lanier, Cody Duke, Brian Hall, Kenny Swartz, and Bri Ana Wagner star in this upcoming horror film.

DP: Dana Rice / Writer: RG Graham / Casting Director: Lavern Cloy / BH Casting

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The Boatyard

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