May 26, 2024

Other Halves Coming to Streaming and VOD October 4

It’s been a long time coming but Other Halves is finally coming home. This is a flick that I’ve been following since back in December of 2014. I’m a geek at heart (in case you haven’t figured it out) so this one should be right up my alley!

Other Halves Still

San Francisco – 9/6/2016 – In less than one month, Other Halves, the horror film about a killer dating app, will be streaming to laptops, cell phones, and internet-connected TVs around the world, starting October 4th. Viewers should beware; just look at what happens to Devon (played by Lauren Lakis) when she uses the app:

Other Halves stars Lauren Lakis (Rows, Dr Ken) and Mercedes Manning (Strictly Sexual, Zipper) as programmers who develop a revolutionary new dating app called Other Halves. On the night before the app is set to launch, they discover it causes strange side effects: users lose all self-control, becoming amoral, lascivious, violent, evil. They consider shutting the app down, but… Evil is profitable.

Watch the brand new trailer:

After a successful circuit of horror festivals, including Other Worlds Austin, and Another Hole in the Head, and ZedFest (where it won Best Micro-Budget Feature) Other Halves will now be terrifying general audiences.

Shot on location at a real tech startup, the filmmakers sought authenticity in their depiction of coders in San Francisco. The writers, Matthew T. Price and Kelly Morr, consulted with actual programmers to ensure the dialogue was as realistic as possible.

They also chose to focus on a team of women creating an app, a field that is traditionally dominated by men. The tech industry has been making a conscious effort to foster gender equality, and the creators of Other Halves wanted to reflect that.

To hear more about the women of Other Halves, here’s a behind-the-scenes video featuring stars Lauren Lakis and Mercedes Manning, and writer-producer Kelly Morr:

The Austin Chronicle calls it “part giallo, part techno-horror, part Cronenberg-style Jekyll and Hyde riff, part acerbic sex comedy, and a wry commentary about the addictive nature of technology.” Shock Till You Drop says it’s “a satirical and techno-savvy film laced with more than just a drizzle of Sci-Fi.” And Dread Central says “Sure, you don’t even have to leave your house anymore, but that doesn’t mean you’re not still taking your life in your hands when dealing with strangers. Case in point: Other Halves.

Other Halves, from One Oh One Radio Pictures, is the feature film debut for writer/director Matthew T. Price, and writer/producer Kelly Morr. The film is also produced by Curt Chatham, and features Lianna Liew (Truth Or Dare), Sam Schweikert (Hart of Dixie), and Melanie Friedrich (Positive: Some Doors Should Remain Closed). Megan Hui (The Gambler), and Carson Nicely (The Conan O’Brien Show).

You can follow the production on their website, You can also follow the film on Facebook, Twitter (@OtherHalvesFilm), and Instagram (@OtherHalvesFilm).

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