December 1, 2023

‘Out of my Mind’ With Cindy Maples

Out of my Mind - Cindy MaplesOut of my Mind is the second short film from the critically acclaimed actress/director Cindy Maples. We have some of the first official photos from behind the scenes of this new horror short from Carriage House Productions.

Cindy Maples, actress turned writer/director just wrapped principle photography on her second short film, Out of my Mind. After the success of her award winning short film Random, released last year, that won Maples not only best short film awards but also Best Actress, she has stepped back behind the camera to create this horror short. The film is based on the story “Drip Drip’ by author John Cosper with Maples and her co-writer/assistant director Neil Kellen writing the screenplay.  Maples started her acting career in horror films such as Widow, The Creepy Doll and Hell is Full, so it’s no surprise that she has turned to the horror genre on her second film. As a self-proclaimed horror movie addict, Maples’ first short Random shocked audiences with its bloody ending and twisty finish that was compared to an episode of Tales from the Darkside and Twilight Zone. Now with this short Maples is tapping into some of her greatest influences with a story that she describes as a little Edgar Allen Poe and a little Stephen King.

Out of my Mind Synopsis

Carter is a successful mystery writer on the rise. Fueled by alcohol, and a chance meeting with a beautiful woman in blue, his latest book is flowing out of him. If only he could find the source of dripping water that’s driving him insane. As the novel progresses and the bourbon flows, what Carter’s written about the woman takes a hauntingly dark turn. Slipping into madness might be a great way to write, but are the horrors of the night real or only something out of his mind.

Out of my Mind stars Maples’ real life husband Rusty James as the tortured mystery writer Carter and Mina Fedora as the woman in blue. Out of my Mind is currently scheduled to be finished later this year and will be entered in multiple festivals across the country.

Check out Maples’ first short film Random

For more info on Cindy Maples check her out at the following links and tell her ScareTissue says hi!


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