December 9, 2023

Paranormal Drama, Oblivious, Cast Announcement!

Naomi Grossman, Vanessa Lauren Gamble, and Robert Michael to star in the upcoming paranormal drama, Oblivious!

Oblivious Press Release Image 1

Oblivious, the latest feature from GEEPAK Entertainment (Regional Emmy Nominee for Heartprints in the Snow) adds Naomi Grossman, Vanessa Lauren Gamble, and Robert Michael to star in the paranormal drama! Other stars include Critics Choice Award winner Nikki Blonsky, Jennifer Ingrum, Roz Stanley, Daniel Hall, and Paul Sinacore.

Oblivious is a paranormal feature drama focused on a woman, Claire (Vanessa Lauren Gamble), grappling with a return of a deadly illness. Unfortunately, its return is likely terminal. She and her husband Collin (Robert Michael) return to her family’s cabin for a peaceful weekend to de-stress before beginning aggressive treatment and are guided by paranormal forces to accepting and making peace with the likely outcome.

Oblivious Press Release Image 3
Daniel Hall as Johnny from Oblivious, Vanessa Lauren Gamble as Claire and Robert Michael as Collin from “Oblivious”, Naomi Grossman as Willow from “Oblivious” (Photos courtesy of Oblivious team)

“Vanessa is a joy to work with,” production stated. “She really captures the essence of Claire, and the progression of her struggle is both a joy and heartbreaking to witness.”


Naomi Grossman plays Willow, the cabin’s “appointed” caretaker from years past and the voice of reason for Claire, offering sage advice and love in a dark time. Daniel Hall plays Johnny, best friend to Collin, and Blonsky acts as “The Voice” in the feature – the glue that holds the film’s messaging together. “Grossman is a true powerhouse and the very definition of an award worthy actor,” production stated, “in everything she does she committs 100 percent and we are so honored ot have her bring our character Willow to life in such a whimsical way.”

Daniel Hall and Robert Michael from Oblivious, Naomi Grossman from Oblivious (photos courtesy of Oblivious team)

Most will remember Grossman from her star role in American Horror Story as Pepper, the franchise’s first ever crossover character. Also a Primetime Emmy Nominee, Grossman lends an ethereal and warm atmosphere to an otherwise dark and foreboding environment. Blonsky, a Golden Globe Nominee and Critics Choice Award winner, is most recognized from her starring role in 2007’s HAIRSPRAY with John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer. Daniel Hall was a series regular on the popular, long running soap “The Young and The Restless” as Scott Grainger. Robert Michael was the star of 2 REELZ original films and can be seen on Netflix’s GLOW and the Lifetime original series American Princess.

Oblivious is planning on a late summer 2023 release. It is executive produced by Diana Maiocco, Hayden Conner Ashworth, Shaun Jones, Nicole Gordon-Levitt, and Andy O’Riley. Written, directed, and scored by Robert Michael. It is affiliated with Early Release Content and O’Riley Media Group.


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