September 26, 2022

PROXY – What You Cannot Bring Yourself To Do

Proxy (2013)Most women when expecting the birth of their first child are overjoyed unable to contain the inner glow that comes with pregnancy. In the case of Esther Woodhouse (actress Alexa Rasmussen) she shows absolutely no emotion and clearly has a story attached to the life growing inside her.

In the movie PROXY, Zachary Parker and Kevin Donner have written a story for viewers that draws from the many real life world news composed to bring you a film that is shocking, over the top at times and surprisingly a bit mesmerizing.

In the movie PROXY, Esther leaves her OB appointment and is attacked by an unknown assailant. After being released from the hospital she later attends a support group for people who have experienced tragedy through the loss of a loved one. There she meets Melanie Michaels (actress Alexa Havins) who’s first to welcome Esther to the group. The two women form a friendship that quickly takes them on a roller coaster of high speed twists and turns. Secrets are revealed and obsession takes it’s course. Unspeakable acts follow and lives of multiple characters are changed forever.

I found PROXY to be a slow start at first. The film was a bit dry and boring due to the lack of character development with (Esther Woodhouse) at the beginning of the film to immediately hook me in. I now realize looking back at the film that when a person isn’t living in truth but in secret their lives tend to be boring. Once you scratch away at the surface to unveil the secrets… it brings a whirlwind of surprises…


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