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Quite A Conundrum Red Band Movie Trailer Released

Quite A Conundrum (2012)Quite A Conundrum is a film that I’ve been following since I wrote a review for it back in April of last year.  It’s going to be getting its worldwide release later this year (2014) and I’m pumped to report that director Thomas Phillips has just released a red band trailer for the film.

I won’t bother recapping my review here, but suffice it to say I’m incredibly excited to see this one one the big screen.  I’m honored that Thomas used a quote from my review on the official movie poster and DVD / Blu-ray box art: “Clerks meets Scream.”

Stay tuned to the official site for information on release dates.  You can also follow the film on Twitter (@AConundrumMovie) on Facebook or you can follow Thomas (@tstreet).

And without further adieu… The red band trailer for Quite A Conundrum.

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