July 14, 2024

Reader Poll – Who Did Negan Kill?

The Walking Dead is scheduled to return to AMC on Sunday October 23rd, 2016. Ever since the the shocking finale of Season 6 fans have been asking: Who did Negan kill? In case you’re not up to speed (spoiler alert), Negan (played brilliantly by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his crew have Rick and company on their knees. Negan introduces us to his barbwire wrapped bat Lucille when he says, “This is Lucille. And she is awesome.” He plays a brutal game of  “Eeny… meeny… miny… moe” and brings Lucille down on one of the group’s head over and over again playing out the iconic scene from issue 100 of the comics. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the comic version here.

Negan & Lucille

Ever since that episode went off the air fans have been speculating if the show would follow the comic with who Negan killed or if they’d go in another direction. There are a SLEW of theories which I won’t bother going into there. Just about all the possibilities are out here and I don’t have anything to add to it. But I’ve got to ask…

Negan - Jeffrey Dean Moran - The Walking Dead
Hi, I’m the Comedian… er… Negan

Got something to say or a favorite theory? Got a new theory? Let us know!


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