March 20, 2023

REBOUND Arrives on DVD September 29th

Rebound (2013)Earlier this year I reviewed the directorial debut of Megan Freels Johnston called Rebound. You can read my full review here but suffice to say it was a strong effort from director, cast and crew. It has been available on Amazon instant watch and I’m thrilled to report that you now have MORE ways to watch Rebound. As of today it’s available on DVD!

Indie Thriller Rebound Arrives on DVD September 29th

 “Almost David Lynchian in its strangeness” – Film Threat

“An atmosphere of tension that’s both entrancing and entertaining” – Fangoria

Look At Me Films is proud to announce the DVD release of the film, REBOUND, which is now available at Barnes & Noble, Kmart, Best Buy, FYE, and other retailers.

Producer Megan Freels Johnson makes her writing/directing debut with a cast that includes Mark Scheibmeir (The NewsroomArto is and the Goat), Ashley James (Life Inside and Out and Hustle), Kevin Bulla (The It Factor, One Life to Live, and Joyful Noise), and Wes O’Lee (Band: The Sunset Drifters).

About Rebound

After Claire walks in on her boyfriend with another woman, she decides to give up her dreams as an actress and move back to Chicago. She packs up her things and embarks on a cross country journey. But the minute she gets in the car, things take a turn for the worse. Her car breaks down in a strange town. Not knowing who to trust, she is at the mercy of townspeople to get her car up and running so she can continue what she started. Only things don’t go the way she planned. She finds herself trapped in a nightmare, physically and mentally. She’s forced to face old and new demons and can’t decide what’s worse: not knowing if she’ll escape her imprisonment, or if the terrible reality is better than the mental anguish that’s been plaguing her.

Praise For the Film

“This film was rapturous and exceptionally entertaining, especially for an independent film.” – ihorror

“As writer / directorial debuts go, Megan Freels shows strong promise with her ability to create fantastically intense atmosphere.” – Bloody Disgusting

“Worth watching to the end for the unnervingly realistic twist ending.” – Rue Morgue

You can learn more about Rebound at the following links.

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