November 29, 2023

Refuge Hits Hits VOD, iTunes & Amazon!

RefugeHighly Acclaimed Post-­Apocalyptic Thriller Refuge Released by Gravitas Ventures Now Available on  VOD, iTunes, Amazon

Refuge ​is a post­-apocalyptic thriller from Passerby Films. Refuge was enthusiastically received by audiences last year at multiple festivals around the world, including fan favorites T​oronto After Dark,​ ScreamFest,​ and won B​est Director ​for Andrew Robertson in Sydney at Australia’s Fantastic Planet.

Refuge Synopsis

Refuge​ chronicles the struggles of a family trying to survive in the wake of a deadly and mysterious catastrophic event that has brought America to its knees. The film stars Amy Rutberg (Elementary, Daredevil), Eva Grace Kellner (Boardwalk Empire), Chris Kies (The Blacklist), Carter Roy and Sebastian Beacon as a band of survivors in what was once a thriving American suburb that has now devolved into a lawless world of roaming gangs and dwindling resources.

Despite their efforts to remain hidden from the pervasive marauders and dangers that surround them, the family is ultimately discovered and forced to fight for survival. But, fighting back has its consequences.

Refuge - Feb 16th

Refuge ​has been compared to Cormac McCarthy’s T​he Road,​ as the austere setting and large cast of villains are reminiscent of the world that film inhabits. Director Robertson says of the post­apocalyptic universe: “I wanted to focus on a family living in portray the quiet fear that would become the default if we all went into hiding after a big societal breakdown. I expect life would become a slow burn, interrupted with bursts of fear and violence.”

Refuge’s distributor, Gravitas Ventures, says of Refuge: “Gravitas is excited to be collaborating with the bold and innovative filmmakers behind Refuge and bring these new voices in horror to 100 million homes across North America.”

Refuge - No One Leaves

That authentic terror can be seen on February 16th, 2016, when the film is available through VOD, iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, YouTube, XBOX live and Playstation Network.

  • Release Date: February 16th, 2016 (VOD & Cable, US & Canada)
  • Distributor: Gravitas Ventures (​
  • Director: Andrew Robertson
  • Writers: Andrew Robertson and Lilly Kanso
  • Producer: Lilly Kanso
  • Director of Photography: Sung Rae Cho
  • Cast: Sebastian Beacon, Chris Kies, Carter Roy, Amy Rutberg, Eva Grace Kellner

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