December 6, 2023

Sanctuary; Quite A Conundrum On DVD August 26th!!!

Sanctuary; Quite A Conundrum DVD CoverNext Tuesday, August 26th, the horror / comedy Sanctuary; Quite A Conundrum is finally released worldwide!!!  After all this time (we reviewed it WAY back in April of 2013), the hype, the awards, the festivals, the reviews, the constant posting, it is finally going to be accessible to the world.

The movie can be pre-ordered everywhere online, Amazon, BestBuy, Target, Walmart, you name it and you can find it, just search on google and it will be yours.  You can also order directly from film maker Thomas Phillips and the DVD will come personalized and autographed! (Make sure to tell em ScareTissue sent you!)

Here is the link to order directly:

Here’s a note from director Thomas L. Phillips:

“I honestly do not care where you buy it form, the most important thing it to go out to your store and buy it, order it online, or stream it online form #itunes, amazon, #googleplay, it does not matter to me, just go and and make sure to support the #independent movie and its release. Our little #horror #film that could, needs your help. You will also find it on demand at all major networks and cable providers, I could provide every link but I would be here all night, just do a search on line for SANCTUARY; QUITE A CONUNDRUM and it can be yours next Tuesday.”

When you do go out and grab a copy or when you get it delivered to you, please take a picture with your DVD and send it either to us here at ScareTissue or to Thomas and we’ll repost the hell out of it!

I’m SO proud that Thomas used a quote from our review on the cover of the DVD!!!


Sanctuary; Quite A Conundrum DVD Cover

For me personally, it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen the flick.  I’ve been sort of waiting for release date to revisit it.  Can’t wait!  When you see the film stop by and leave a review.

Have you seen Sanctuary; Quite A Conundrum? When will you get your copy?


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