July 14, 2024

ScareTissue Interviews Director Eddie Lengyel

Scarred (2013) AltI had an opportunity recently to sit down with writer and director Eddie Lengyel. I first ran across Eddie’s work when I reviewed Scarred which I thoroughly enjoyed. You can read my full review here. Scarred (2013) – Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds. Scarred features the “First Jason Vorhees” Ari Lehman, Playboy Model Lisa Neeld along with Janine Bowles Sarnowski, Carl Ferrara, Don Kilrain and an aspiring cast that really put forth a solid effort in their performances. It was shot entirely in and around my home town of Cleveland, Ohio. Not only that, but within the first couple of minutes I clearly saw the exterior of my all time favorite watering hole, The Annex Bar & Grille. Eddie and I sat down for drinks and burgers at The Annex. Here’s a excerpt from our discussion.

ScareTissue: So is Scarred your first film?

Eddie Lengyel: No, my first film was Hell Week (hellweek.net). We did it for $2,000. Scarred is actually my third film shot, but the second to be released. Voodoo Rising will be coming out early in 2016.

ScareTissue: So, how did you get hooked up with these actors?

Eddie Lengyel: Well, “Jonah” (Don Kilrain) is my best friend. Ari was in The Girl. Mark Cray was in Voodoo. Mark introduced me to Ari and I gave him a call. He agreed and just like that we were off and running. Room, board and food and that was it.

ScareTissue: I saw The Annex in the intro. Where was the rest of the film shot? The main camp, lake, etc.?

Eddie Lengyel: Most of that was in Medina, Ohio.

ScareTissue: Did you have to pay for the location?

Eddie Lengyel: No. The lady that plays Luna (Janine Sarnowski) knows the owners of the property. Because of that we got a deal and didn’t have to pay for the location.

ScareTissue: So how long have you been doing movies?

Eddie Lengyel: About ten years now. My first film was Hell Week, then Voodoo Rising which will be coming out this Spring and then Scarred.

ScareTissue: Is there anything that you would have done differently with Scarred if you had more budget or time?

Eddie Lengyel: Not really. There were a couple of times where people didn’t quite react the way they should. And of course we would have done more with effects, etc. with more time and money.

ScareTissue: So, you hooked up with Ari through Mark.

Eddie Lengyel: And he got me to Lisa.

ScareTissue: Where did you get the rest of the cast?

Eddie Lengyel: The guy that was editing Voodoo (Mike Kolovich) introduced me to Justine Greenwald (the modeling agency owner). It’s sort of like connect the dots.  It’s all who you know.

ScareTissue: How many days did you shoot total?

Eddie Lengyel: Oh my gosh. Two years? We started in August 2011. The hot model scene was in January 2012. We had to take a break because I got very sick.

ScareTissue: OK. So much of that Scarred footage is at least a couple, three years old?

Eddie Lengyel: Yes. I really wanted to expand a couple of the characters. The gal at the beginning? We never really see her again. We don’t kill her, we don’t circle back. We had a few scenes with her but ended up cutting them.

ScareTissue: So Jonah is actually the producer? Is he in the film anywhere else where you can see him?

Eddie Lengyel: Yeah! He’s the dad!

ScareTissue: Gotcha. I spose I could have looked at the credits and figured that out… How was Ari to work with?

Eddie Lengyel: He was awesome. Big partier. He brought that Hollywood feel. He ended up sticking around longer than he was supposed to. He was great to work with. Great guy.

ScareTissue: Well, you made a film that you should be very proud of. Regardless of how it does financially, you will be able to look back on it and be proud.

Eddie Lengyel: You know what people love? Don and Tiny.

ScareTissue: That doesn’t surprise me. I enjoyed them as well. It’s a very real relationship that they’re able to portray.

Special thanks to Eddie for sitting down with me to chat. You can get your own copy of Scarred on DVD or Digital on Amazon. You’ll be glad you did. I’m looking forward to his next film Voodoo Rising coming out this Spring from SGL Entertainment! SGL owner Jeffrey Swanson expects great things from this next film and so do we!


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