June 18, 2024

Selfie (2019) – Careful What You Share

Back again today with another Short Movie Monday film review! I was sitting at my desk about an hour ago and got a note from filmmaker Nick Hagen with a link to his film Selfie (full film below). It’s described as an iphone horror short film and while that’s accurate, this sub-three minute film is so much more.

Selfie (2019)

Selfie is co-written by Nick Hagen and Dana Speer. It was directed by Hagen and stars Ayla Davis.

Davis plays a gal who gets a text from a ‘friend’ Brody asking what she’s doing. She tells him she’s eating and he then suggests to send sexier and sexier selfies only for her to discover there’s more than meets the eye.

Thoughts & Recommendation

As I’ve said in the past I’m always super impressed when a short film is able to show so much in such little screen time. That really is part of the craft when it comes to making these short films and Hagen does it magnificently. A film like this also goes to show just how much you can do with a single set and a couple of camera angles.

I find it tough to really give a proper ‘review’ of these films when we’re talking less than three minutes but I can tell you how I feel after watching it – satisfied. And that’s saying something. If you watch as much horror as I do I’m sure you know that UNsatisfied feeling that many of the genre films give you today. None of that here. In fact it’s not only a satisfying film, it’s a film that leaves you wanting more.

Selfie is WELL worth the three minute investment. Give it a watch below and leave a comment with your thoughts!

Selfie (2019)

  • Directed by Nick Hagen
  • Written by Nick Hagen, Dana Speer
  • Starring: Ayla Davis
  • Produced by Coat Tale Productions
  • Production Assistance: Cameron Hagen, Chloe Hagen


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