December 3, 2023

#ShortMovieMonday – Do Not Disturb (2015)

Do Not Disturb Short Film Jon James SmithDo Not Disturb is a 2015 short film written and directed by Jon James Smith, produced by Alexander Glenn Prather. It stars Ron McMahon, Kathryn Leeman, Richard Shelton, Michael David Farrow, Candace Quirk, Steve Wong, Dominique Marsell and Aaron Cavette.

Do Not Disturb Synopsis

Two detectives, a husband and wife, a hooker, and a kidnapping are thrown into this LA crime blender. This modern Hitchcockian thriller with Fincher tones, is a tale of lies and confusion.

Review & Recommendation

Director Jon James Smith has asked me to keep this review spoiler free so I will absolutely respect his wishes. I will say that there are quite a few twists and turns in this film with a running time just over 12 minutes. I’ll admit that at first I was totally lost but once I figured out what was going on and who the players were I was totally intrigued.

The film looks and sounds amazing. Do Not Disturb does not suffer from sound and picture quality issues that many short independent films deal with. This looks and feels like it could be taken right out of a big budget Hollywood blockbuster thriller. The acting is top notch, dialoge between characters is crisp and makes sense. No character acts in a manner in which doesn’t make sense taking the viewer out of the story.

The tagline of the film asks, “How much do you know about the person you live with?” It’s an interesting question that we all have to answer for ourselves but one that after watching this film you may want to reconsider.

Do Not Disturb is doing the festival rounds now and has already won Best Narrative Short at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood and is an Official Selection at the British Horror Film Festival. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, these will NOT be the only two awards that this film wins. If you get an opportunity to see this film please take it. You’ll be glad you did. Strong recommend.

To learn more about Do Not Disturb check out the following links:


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