August 12, 2022

#ShortMovieMonday – Peter Dukes, Filmmaker

DanielIf practice makes perfect, filmmaker Peter Dukes is trending towards perfection.  Dukes is the co-founder of Dream Seekers Productions which has produced 15 horror and fantasy shorts in the last 8 years.  His films aren’t particularly flashy, but they are memorable in their hauntingly simple concepts.  For this week’s #ShortMovieMonday, is proud to present a look at some of these films.



They Watch is one of Dukes’ earlier pictures.  Reminiscent of a Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark tale, it achieves a horrifying finale without any gore.  The black and white cinematography makes this tale (which seems rooted in past and present simultaneously) seem almost timeless.

The New World is not so much horror as it is fantasy.  In it, Katy Townsend plays a young fairy investigating the world of us humans.  Utilizing some practical effects and a green screen, Dukes manages to stop time as she wonders what it’s truly like to be human.  Townsend effectively translates the wonder and excitement she feels here without saying the word.  In fact, the short feels almost like a music video.

Daniel is the latest film directed by Dukes.  It’s a very short film (3 minutes) that is a great watch this Halloween season.  It’s also a film that is best approached blindly.  There are some twists and turns in its short run, and I love the concept even though I thought it was a little telegraphed.

If you’re looking for some good short films to watch this Halloween season, please check out Peter Dukes and his Dream Seekers Productions.  They’re short watches, but they’ll keep you entertained for hours.  “There’s a lot of satisfying things that come out of making my films, but one of the biggest is undoubtedly creative fulfillment.  that’s the ticket:)” Dukes says when asked what the most satisfying part of making movies is.  “I feel a tremendous amount of it when I’m crafting these stories and bringing them to life on the screen.  Then being able to sit back and watch an audience view your film and be pulled into a world that’s come straight from your mind?  Just icing on the cake.”

You can follow Dukes on twitter at @dreamseekerfans for the latest news on upcoming releases.


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