April 16, 2024

Shudder Orders Season 3 Scripts for Creepshow, Renewal on the Cards

Creepshow TV SeriesThe Creepshow TV series is one ideal show for fans of the horror genre, and although the show was renewed for a second season that is currently in production, it appears that the show is already creeping towards the third season.

Creepshow is a Shudder horror TV series based on George Romero’s 1982 movie. Shudder is a horror-oriented streaming service from AMC, and have ordered a full set of Creepshow season 3 scripts, and this is a pointer that a renewal for a third season is on the cards.

This development was disclosed in a new press release, and it’s almost certain that the third season of the show is already in the bag. It’s one horror show where each episode is based on a different chilling story, at least that’s how the first season was organized.

The season 2 of Creepshow is currently in the middle of filming and commenced in Atlanta in March. However, the shooting was put on hold just like many other Hollywood productions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Regardless, the showrunner Greg Nicotero alongside his team of Creepshow creatives are using the break to think up the perfect scenes for season 3, and the general manager of Shudder Craig Engler appears to very enthusiastic about it.

Engler speaking in an interview revealed that although the shooting for season two of the show is on hold due to the pandemic, they can use the time of waiting to start work on the scripts of the proposed season three of the show.

He hoped that Greg Nicotero and his team would cover enough ground before things return to normal. Meanwhile, you can cover much ground with fun casino games at an online casino. If you’re at a loss as to which one to choose, you could maybe try this one. They have what it takes to make your online casino gaming adventure worth your while and even more.

He added that Creepshow has an emotional place in his heart, adding that having the chance to continue development towards the third season of the show would allow him to work with some of the best artists and storytellers in Hollywood’s filmmaking business.

According to him, the second season of the show has more crazy, fun, and outrageous stories and will capture the spirit of what Stephen King and George Romero began in the 80s.

Creepshow has been a success for Shudder after hitting the screens in September 2019 and reaching record numbers for the niche genre streaming service. They also received plaudits for the fresh take on the classic 1982 American horror-comedy anthology film under the direction of George Romero and Stephen King.

The show received positive rave reviews to the extent that AMC wanted in on the action and went ahead to premiere the first season on its cable network early this year.

The first season of Creepshow involved actors such as Adrienne Barbeau, David Arquette, Jeffrey Combs, Big Boi, Tobin Bell, Giancarlo Esposito, and Kid Cudi. The show also adapted stories by King, Josh Malerman, Joe R. Lansdale, and Joe Hill.

Meanwhile, Shudder and AMC have not confirmed anything about the proposed third season of Creepshow. However, the ordering of the scripts for the season is proof that the network is confident about the continuation of the horror anthology series.


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