November 30, 2023

Snuff: The Anthology – Now Accepting Submissions

Snuff - The AnthologyMad Sin Cinema and LostWitch Releasing are now accepting submissions for Snuff: The Anthology. From Shane Ryan, creator of the Amateur Porn Star Killer Trilogy, Snuff will bring to you the finest faux rape and murder scenes from around the globe. “The best part for the filmmakers,” says Ryan, “is that we’ve worked out a deal so that even films not accepted into the anthology will get released on VHS and/or DVD through LostWitch Releasing (in talks with more VHS/DVD companies as well). It’s win-win for everybody.”

Ryan got his start in the faux snuff film world in 2004, when he made a movie one random night with a friend and just forty-five bucks to his name. “This came after years of working on feature films with scripts, shot lists, moderate budgets (in the thousands; still low, but all I had in the bank), and nothing to show for,” confesses Ryan. “Amateur Porn Star Killer was a fluke, but it worked.” The movie was officially released theatrically in 2007 and then on DVD, where it took off. Ryan was instantly offered a release deal for a trilogy through Cinema Epoch and Koch Entertainment (now Entertainment One). Since then the film has been featured in numerous published books, re-released on DVD multiple times in various fashions, invited to festivals all around the world, and more. For awhile Ryan became ashamed of the films, he even dabbled with changing his name and/or putting alias’ on his newer, more “arthouse” driven films. But in the past year he’s decided to embrace the genre. “I think doing this anthology is my way of moving on from this world of faux snuff. It’s become a huge part of who I am as an artist. I need to accept that to move on, not pretend like it doesn’t exist. There are plenty of horror filmmakers dying to be a part of this world; why not pass it on instead?”

But not without first releasing the sister anthology to Snuff; Ted Bundy Had a Son. “Bundy will be the anthology answer to the APSK Trilogy,” says Ryan. “Sort of a like an uncensored A&E documentary on the fictional character of Brandon (the serial killer in the series).” Submission guidelines for Ted Bundy Had a Son will be posted soon.

In the meantime, get your Snuff-on, over at or you can visit Lost Witch Releasing on Facebook at

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