December 3, 2023

Stitches – First Even Sock Puppet Horror Comedy Coming To Bayview Entertainment

STITCHES is the first even sock puppet horror comedy coming soon from Bayview Entertainment.

Stitches Poster

Conceived, written, built, puppeteer’d, shot and edited by three men in a two-bedroom apartment over pandemic quarantine. Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Actor – Ian Goodwin, Producer, Writer, Puppeteer, Actor – Logan Bernard and Puppeteer, Actor – Dylan Kay.

Get ready for an R – rated thrill ride filled with blood, socks being maimed, electrocuted, broken, exploded and even a little bit of puppet sex from One More Productions.

Mary’s vacation hasn’t gone well. Brent and Stephanie won’t stop fighting and Teddy can’t stop smoking. Not only that, Greg and Lily haven’t arrived and Peter’s gone missing. When Mary discovers the origins of an Evil Witch, the mystery starts to unfold! Can Mary rise up and save her friends, or will they fall prey to the terror surrounding them? With an-all-puppet cast, featuring Michael Kane, James Fraynco, Seth Rowgn, and Kris Handsen, it’s a one-of-a kind horror/comedy to knock your socks off!

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