December 6, 2023

ST’s First Look at Gore Orphanage

Gore Orphanage FeatureThe state of Ohio seems to have many urban legends associated with it.  I’ve been to “the real” cry baby bridge (both of them) many times.  I’ve heard talk about the Mothman and have heard stories second hand that “prove” his existence.  Bigfoot and Dogman sightings both take place here.  Hell, even Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street both took place here (the original films.  Both series seem to move around, but it seems like both finished here as well.).

One of the strangest urban legends of Northeast Ohio is that of Gore Orphanage.  And, coming in 2015, we get a movie based upon this legend.  It will be directed by first time director Emily Lapisardi and will star Maria OlsenKeri MalettoBill Townsend, and a slew of great child actors.  I spent a few hours on set and managed to grab a few pictures.  This is one film to definitely keep an eye out for.

The legend of Gore Orphanage is dark, but can be quite scary today.  Supposedly, a fire destroyed an orphanage in Vermillion, OH in the 1800s.  There were no survivors.  The children haunt the road that it once stood on today, and if it is quiet, you can here their screams today.  In reality, the sound that most people here is the squeal of tires on the freeway that is close by.  It’s pretty freaky even if you don’t believe in it.

Emily’s husband is Cody Knotts (who recently penned and directed Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies).  They drove past the Gore Orphanage site and a script soon erupted from the duo.  Gore Orphanage is a period piece based upon the legend, but will take place in the 1930s.  The film will center around the unhappy Mrs. Pryor (Olsen) and the victims of her abuse.  After inheriting the orphanage from her father, she begrudgingly runs it.  Maletto plays the kind Miss Lillian, while Townsend plays the groundskeeper Ernst.  Nora Hoyle, Brandon Mangin, Ryan Nogy, Emma Smith, and Jeremy Kaluza head the group of orphans (Corrected 7/27/14).

The principle filming took place at Greystone Manor in Scottdale, PA.  It’s a beautiful old house that seems to hold secrets that aren’t in the script.  For example, after filming began, the crew soon discovered a sealed urn hidden on the roof.  In recent years, the house has fallen to disrepair but that fits the script perfectly.  It is a character in itself.

Here are some of the first images I got while visiting the set earlier this month.  You can follow Gore Orphanage on facebook (goreorphanagethemovie) or on twitter (@GoreOrphanage)



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Sabrina Mangin
Sabrina Mangin
9 years ago

There is a typo the orphans are Emma Smith as Nellie, Nora Hoyle as Esther, Brandon Mangin as Buddy, and Jeremy Kaluza as Harmon

mike Bavaro (Brandon's great uncle)
mike Bavaro (Brandon's great uncle)
8 years ago

When is Gore Orphanage coming out? Can’t wait to see it.

8 years ago

@Mike – I reached out to director Emily Lapisardi’s husband Cody Knotts on Twitter (also a director) and he had this to say:

“Scaretissue: any update on when Gore Orphanage will be released?”

“Cody: We are working out those details very quickly actually”

8 years ago

Cool, can’t wait!

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