October 1, 2022

“Sweet Dreams” 2016 Horror Short

Jake Unsworth’s “Sweet Dreams” Horror Short is a 1 Minute Treat

I absolutely love horror shorts for a few reasons! You often find the director fitting in chilling effects, quality production, and great detail, all within such a small time-frame. Jake Unsworth directed and starred in this short film, Sweet Dreams, which lays out the classic tale of a parent tucking their child in for the night, only to find their actual child hidden somewhere in the room. The child will then usually whisper “there’s something in my bed”, and it’s up to the viewer to imagine the rest from here. Unsworth did a great job of adding suspense into the clip, and had some neat sound effects, as well as good acting by Unsworth himself and the young boy playing his son.

I think this short film is definitely worth a watch, and a good addition to add to my collection of fun horror shorts. You can also check out more of Unsworth’s work here on his YouTube channel. Please enjoy the short film Sweet Dreams below! Don’t forget to share this article!

Happy Haunting!


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