December 1, 2023

SX_Tape: Sexy or Scary?…Sexy!

SX_Tape (2013)What can I say about SX_Tape? Well for starters the trailer was the best part! Once again the marketing department did a great job by tying this film to all the great horror movies of the past. They also did what should have been a bloody red flag for me…a trailer that included far too many “tantalizing hooks”.

I’ve come to learn that if a trailer is almost too good to be true then the film tends to go the other way. This is especially the case with the horror genre. Here’s a hint…less is more. If you’ve made a movie and you find yourself having to fill it with what you know are the best scenes…you can bet the horror population may not like the end product. This is something that has always driven me nuts as well as frustrated me. Why? Because big film companies could be using their money to fund excellent independent horror film for a lot less cost and make a larger profit.

Adam and Jill have a bond. Or shall I say, “a bondage” that ties them together? Both are very passionate about their inner creativity with the arts and enjoy being creative with their bodies as well. There is definitely a sexual presence here that viewers will see throughout the film. One has to question if it should be more than the spirits we are supposed to see that are haunting this place?

Adam takes Jill to a rundown hospital that during its years of operation took in women suffering from mental issues while pregnant. Somehow he felt it would be a great place to host an art event for Jill’s work. Once she’s at the front gates Jill cannot seem to shake off the adrenaline at the thought of sneaking in. Adam is basically a wimpy, don’t-break-the-rules kind of guy and though he knows that he may be walking into trouble he eventually follows his lover inside.

I gotta say that the hospital was pretty creepy. What doesn’t make sense to me is why in the world does a rundown building that clearly has been shut down in forever…have electricity and running water? Yeah, I was pretty much finished with this film until the kinky arrived. I have to say that where the movie highly lacked in “scary” it made up for in sexual tension and imagination. It certainly had my mind wandering a few times…so for that I’m not completely down on this film.

You can learn more about SX_Tape on the official Facebook page. Tell em ScareTissue sent you!


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