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Loving Maggie When Most Don’t


As great as The Walking Dead has been and aside from some comedy horrors of the 2000s, there hasn’t been much worthwhile in the world of the flesh-eating subgenre since Romero’s Dead and The Return of the Living Dead’s trilogies. The downfall with zombies is – there isn’t much more …

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A Look Back At 2015 – The Best Of ScareTissue

Top Ten 2015

In addition to being a horror nut, I also happen to be an absolute web analytics geek.  That said, I’m always interested to see what content on our website people are interested in.  As with last year, we added several new contributors and we managed to knock out a whopping 284 posts …

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Hannibal Returns Bigger and Bloodier Than Ever

Hannibal Season 3 June 4

When the season two finale of “Hannibal” aired last year, it was Bryan Fuller’s televisual equivalent of a mic drop. It was frankly, one of the best episodes of television ever created, a slow-motion excursion into horror, a perfect crash of all the events from the first two seasons. And …

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Wolfcop Set To Hit DVD/VOD March 10th!

Wolfcop (2014)

I heard a rumor that the folks at Who Goes There?! Podcast will be doing an upcoming episode on the upcoming film Wolfcop.  If you aren’t familiar with Wolfcop, you will be soon.  It hits stores and VOD on March 10, 2015.  Wolfcop has all the makings of what looks to be a cult classic, …

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Demon Weapons? Check Out The Atticus Institute 1/20/15

In the horror genre, you often don’t see the government trying to “weaponize” the supernatural.  In fact, the only films that really come to mind are Cabin in the Woods and Return of the Living Dead 3 (but zombie films usually do have this underlying theme below now that I think about it). …

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Brand New Friday The 13th In 2015

Friday The 13th (1980)

Black Friday came early this year as we were all treated to the announcement of a new Friday the 13th installment on 3/13/15.   That is the single piece of information we know for sure about the upcoming movie.  There’s many rumors swirling about it, but nothing has been confirmed yet. …

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