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LGBT Themes In Horror

Last week’s Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage was something that had been coming for a long time.  At the time, 36 states had already legalized it.  Public opinion was in favor of it.  The question (more than anything) was “Could a state define marriage within its borders?”.  The …

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Demon Weapons? Check Out The Atticus Institute 1/20/15

In the horror genre, you often don’t see the government trying to “weaponize” the supernatural.  In fact, the only films that really come to mind are Cabin in the Woods and Return of the Living Dead 3 (but zombie films usually do have this underlying theme below now that I think about it). …

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Aftermath – Walking Corpses


So, unfortunately, any time that I encounter a film with an apocalyptic description, all I can think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and how many times they faced an apocalypse (i.e.  every episode).  It was cliched, but it was also inspiring to watch characters beaten to a pulp and just…keep…going.  Hell, it’s …

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Weekly Toy Roundup

Hooray! We’ve got another hole to throw money in to! You know we love horror toys, we know you love horror toys, and with San Diego Comic Con just around the corner; there’s sure to be no shortage of awesome, wallet draining toys coming in the near furture. Here’s some newly …

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Stage Fright – Horror Film Follies

Stage Fright

I was in my high school musicals. There.  I said it. The greenfaced, scary looking, horror film loving ogre known as Trapjaw was not just in one musical….but 3!  And guess what?  I had a pretty good time in them as well.  While the stage is quite serious, the backstage area …

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