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From Dusk Till Dawn Returns To Theaters

From Dusk Till Dawn - Fathom

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Miramax’s Cult Classic Film From Dusk Till Dawn with a Screening Featuring an Exclusive Q&A with Director Robert Rodriguez, Writer/Actor Quentin Tarantino, and Moderated by Elvis Mitchell The Movie Is On Screen for Two Days Only, November 6 and 9, Along with an Exclusive Filmmaker …

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Xina’s Top Ten Horror Films

Dog Soldiers (2002)

I’m really just a girl, sitting in front of her TV, staring at her Netflix queue in search of something scary to watch. Hi. My name is Xina. No, not the Warrior Princess. She spells her name Xena anyway. It’s a play off my first name, Christina, and I’m a …

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From Dusk Till Dawn – The Oft Forgotten 90s Classic

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

When I popped in From Dusk Till Dawn this morning, something caught my eye that I never noticed before: Robert Kurtzman is credited as the writer.  Now, I’ve watched this movie probably 50 times.  That name finally registered this viewing, which sent me to computer immediately. In 1990, Kurtzman was part of the special …

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